The martian soundtrack. Although I very much enjoy sci fi, it was witnessing Halleys Comet and meeting Marc Garneau in person that got me interested in astronomy and other space sciences. Whenever you're feeling down think of Matt Damon and you'll be fine. The martian movie. نتمنا ينزل كامل. Thats just a theory... i almost vomit Severly injured. You have a very different definition of being severely injured.

At 6:19 towards the end I've never laughed so hard

Loved it! The only major scientific inaccuracy was the severity of the dust storm. Other than that, it's so nice to see a legitimately plausible sci-fi film. Messing with hormones never a good thing Transgender community explodes. I remember this movie watch all but very scary 😂😂 give a nightmare. Matt Damon's characters quirkiness and comedy added much needed relief to the aphics were great. It was a nice spin on sci-fi space thrillers. Most loose ends were tied up throughout the movie and all of the characters actions had logical reasons. Definitely liked the part on earth working with the people of NASA. Everybody coming together to bring him earned viewers investment in the film. This move was cheesy at the right time and realistic at the right time. Showing the martians un-fed body added a somewhat realistic view of his ongoing drama and wavering faith of all going well kept me on my seat throughout the movie. Only bad thing I can say about this movie is the ups and downs were at times prolonged but always picked up speed after a while. Definitely recommend this movie to everyone.

The martian cast. Yessss! looking forward to the weekend now. As a chemist I have some issues with “The Martian”. Bum Brownies : D That made me chuckle. I liked this movie, but it quickly became obvious it would be a happy ending and that Made it less interesting for me. Although Matt Damon's will to survive was entertaining. Welcome back Matt! We almost got rid of ya : P.

THE martinique. THE martin luther. The background music and clips where too loud and chaotic, especially when put against the smooth voiceover, started the video by checking if I had another tab open. It isnt the first time that has happened, but often its a tell that the sound editing could have been better. My 2 cents. Dont forget. The electro magnetic field of mars is 40 tume weaker then earth. So solar radiation will kick him in the pokeballs.

Wait if the pathogens were killed in the freezing wouldn't the Good stuff have been killed too. THE martin. THE martian. I seriously can't wait to see this film, I've been looking forward to seeing it for a while now, I'm so glad you liked it. I laugh now, but as a kid these Martian aliens scared me more then the Predator species the Yautja.

Im literally using this as a reference for my project. Thanks again for making sure I watch the good ones :D.

Omg this movie haunted me to this day boi seeing it now I'm like 👌❤️👌

Andy Weir, when writing the book researched a TON about this book. it's less of science fiction and more realistic fiction. The martian ost. THE martin luther king. I saw this as a kid and couldnt make it out it scared me tho. THE martial arts. Alv soy la única persona que habla español? Pd: like vienes por mangel. THE marianne. The martian pdf. Me in science: Watches this video Teacher: What r u watching? Me: A science video.

I'm so excited, this review has pumped me up even more. Gonna go see it tomorrow maybe in 3D on your recommendation. I love the book and I'm really looking forward to see this in 3d, also is there any disco music in the movie.

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